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But at least they treated me like one of the guys. As my older brothers went off to high school, I again felt isolated and alone. Did I mention my sole sustenance for the day was a bagel? Before I knew it, I was running around in the lobby, one flip flop dangling, the other foot bare, without my purse, crying and begging for help. But the language that was coming out wasn’t English. Fortunately, the kindly MSG police officers called an ambulance and they whisked me away to a busy NYC hospital. When I came to, seven hours later–yes, this implies I blacked out–I was still drunk.

  • I really didn’t start drinking until I went to college.
  • He also credits the support he received from his spouse as the source of his success in recovery.
  • You’ll see clearly that addiction doesn’t discriminate, and that anyone can become addicted.

I didn’t really know what my purpose was. I knew I wanted to do things and I would start to do things, but there was never any follow-through.

But this so-called normal life wasn’t always the case. This was a popular meeting hall I learned about during my time at Valley Hope. I have stayed sober since attending that meeting. It became my homegroup, and I’m still friends with many people from that meeting hall today. Everyday, we have choices that we ourselves are responsible for.

The Best Alcohol Recovery Blogs Of 2020

Because I would start something, get taken over by the disease, and then abandon it. I was always just like, What am I doing? I got into the college I wanted to and then dropped out. I got a job I really wanted and then I got fired. So when I got sober, it gave me self-esteem, it gave me worth, it gave me a purpose. I didn’t know that I had so much potential to help people. At first it was difficult, but now it’s just become my life.

sobriety success stories

By this time, I didn’t care about anything or anyone especially myself, I had pushed everyone away. I was to the point I was drinking before work during work and after work on the days I actually went to work.

They have encouraged me to act on my concerns for my children’s future by hugging them, loving them, and sharing recovery with them today. Buddy T is an anonymous writer and founding member of the Online Al-Anon Outreach Committee with decades of experience writing about alcoholism. “You’re wasting your time, I’m not doing any program, if that’s what you mean!

Recovery has made a significant impact in my life in many wonderful ways. It really all started with the day I was admitted to Valley Hope. My life became the life I used to have before this horrible disease took control of everything in my life. Now, instead of being unsure and fearful, I walk forward one step and one day at a time with hope and confidence. The day I discharged from treatment, I hung my patient cup in the lecture hall.

Success Story: An Amazing Journey To Sobriety

That’s the only difference between me now and me on that gray morning. Grace arrived, and I didn’t just let it in. I’ve gotten up every day since and left the door wide open. I was hyper-aware of other people, on constant high-alert thanks to my home life. I had a persistent belief that everyone was talking about me, plotting against me or wishing me harm.

  • Even those who are the toast of the town in Hollywood and in the music industry are susceptible to addiction.
  • I had a terrible relapse where everything fell apart.
  • Inspired by her own sobriety, she started A Sober Girls Guide for other women in recovery.

I would celebrate each month, and then each year. So naturally, underage drinking appealed to me–and I fell into a crowd of kids that liked to have a good time. (At the time, I didn’t think their–or my, for that matter, behavior was dangerous.) We had lots of fun and I became the life of the party. I was me–but I was a me that wasn’t anxious and fidgety.

When he would get drunk, my siblings and I would watch him verbally abuse my mom. So my brother, sister, and I spent a lot of our days nervous for when he would come home from work, reeking of beer, and ready to take out his bad day on us. I paint this picture where I got sober and then my life was great. I did get sober and my life did get better because it was so low and dark. But that doesn’t mean that it’s perfect. What it looks like for me is that I now have tools to be a normal, decent human being, which I wasn’t before. So sobriety for me is like a bridge back to a normal life.

Drew Barrymore Living A Sober Life

These stories can be used as effective examples of how overcoming addiction turned careers and lives around for the better and will hopefully motivate others to get sober. As a childhood actress, Drew Barrymore was exposed to a dark lifestyle at a young age. She was only 7 when she took on her starring role in ET.

  • It took a near death experience to accept recovery.
  • I never had any run-ins with the administration or faculty and did not think that I had any kind of problem.
  • In the past, she’s consumed heroin and prescription drugs.
  • I need to cross train, and build myself to last.
  • Again, in med school, I sought out and found friends who partied just like me.

I think it’s so important to share my experience with others because I truly believe that only another addict/alcoholic can help someone of the same variety. It was so easy for me to relate to people who had walked the same walk as I had in the beginning. It’s almost like they spoke the same language as I did and I had never heard anyone speak my language before. I felt at home when talking to another addict/alcoholic.

Featured Sober Living Success Stories

I would never have been allowed to spend that time with them, if it had not been for my recovery. I am so blessed that I did not miss out on being a part of their lives. I have lots of friends in AA and they are also my family. I feel as if my life has purpose now, helping others who are now where I used to be.

Drive-through workers, on-camera reporters, teachers, grandmas, doctors—we are everywhere. This disease isn’t relegated to a specific group of people. My story is especially important because I’ve been told more times than I can count, “Wow. You don’t look like an alcoholic.” I have shared my story of relapsing so many times and being in such pain but I’ve never given up.

The Valley Hope Coffee Cup

Following a routine operation when Curtis was 35, she became addicted to painkillers. Curtis also ‘self-medicated’ with alcohol in order to ease loneliness. For this reason, we’ve chosen to report on celebrity ‘success stories’. We are frankly bored of reading about stories where celebrities hit ‘rock bottom’. We feel that omitting to discuss success stories is an injustice to many of these celebrities who now live their lives as role models for others who are seeking out sobriety. “Early on, I was staying sober because of my father.

sobriety success stories

I no longer drank much beer, as it did not provide the needed effect without voluminous consumption. Believe it or not, it got worse after graduation.That was when I made my first hospital “visit.” Not a glamorous walk-through but an ambulance-driven, paramedic-carried, shame fest.

I can’t really take credit for my sobriety. Recovery Speakers offers a wide range of resources for people recovering from addiction in any of its forms, including alcohol. They have the largest collection of audio-recorded recovery talks spanning 70 years. On their blog, readers can find personal recovery stories from bloggers and tips on remaining in recovery. This is a community for Black women who are either sober already or moving in that direction to “talk, giggle, rage, and rejoice together” about what it means to be Black and sober.

What The Cool Kids Dont Tell You About Sobriety

She was eventually hired as a janitor at the treatment center where she first cleaned herself up. A common thread woven throughout many success stories of addiction recovery is the role of other people in inspiring sobriety. You need a contingency plan in place to strengthen your resolve if life in recovery ever gets tough.

My Loved One Is Looking For Sober Living

I’ve been battling addiction and alcoholism pretty much my whole adult life. After 6 months of sobriety, Becki attended Narcotics Anonymous. At the meeting, she met many others in her situation, and she saw how they were enjoying being substance-free. She says something happened to her at that point, and her mindset shifted. Her main motivation then became staying clean rather than staying in transitional housing.

Common Symptoms During Recovery

She shares her story about the dark times and how she climbed out after getting the help and rehabilitative treatment she needed to recover. I have to be careful of being too obsessive, and wanting more, more, more. I think it is important to be hungry, and progressive, but with that can come a cost. The most important thing for me is taking care of myself. The 1st thing I learned in recovery is that I have to take care of myself 1st. If I do not take care of myself, I cannot take care of anyone else. I cannot not take care of a job,I cannot take care of our home.

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In my most shameful moment, rather than hiding or posturing or denying, I let people see me. By this time in my life, I had been abused by my family—sexually and emotionally—for as long as I could remember. I hadn’t even lived a decade, and I hurt so much I wished it were over already. “If there was any way to rid myself of the unwanted awkward feelings and insecurities of everyday life, I found it when I first drank myself stupid during lunch my freshman year. I embraced the feeling of not caring about anything or anyone and made a point of it to do it as much as I could. I was able to suspend my hurt, insecurities, and anger.

My mother drank socially and later became an alcoholic after my sister and I left home. I suppose she adopted a “If ya can’t beat ‘em, so join ‘em” mentality.

He then experienced several blackouts over the proceeding days due to his alcoholism. Hopkins says he descended into alcoholism due to feelings of self-doubt and inadequacy. He first turned to the bottle in the 1960s following sobriety success stories his decision to build a career in the theatre. During this time, he appeared in theatre plays up and down the United Kingdom. He says he never really felt at home on the stage and refers to this period as his ‘tedious years’.

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